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Digital Tayo Teachers is a collaboration between Meta and Habi Education Lab aimed at enhancing the digital literacy skills of Filipino pre-service and in-service teachers through free, inclusive, and accessible resources for teaching and learning. 

Supported by Meta and co-developed with teachers and educational technology practitioners, Digital Tayo Teachers is a suite of resources that can help educators and digital literacy advocates shape the knowledge, skills, and attitudes of their learners towards digital literacy and citizenship, and the positive use of technology.

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Course Packs

Designed to support college and university instructors, the course packs are comprehensive project guides for achieving learning outcomes in the following core courses in the Philippine Pre-Service Teacher Curriculum:

Technology for teaching and learning 1 (TTL 1)

Projects and activities that give learners hands-on introductions to the fundamentals of using technology for teaching and learning.

Technology for teaching and learning 2 (TTL 2)

Projects and activities that enable learners to create work that integrates technology with their particular subject specializations.

Building and Enhancing Literacy Skills for 21st Century Learning (BEL)

Projects and activities that explore different 21st-century skills and literacies and enable learners to build those skills in their own classrooms.

SLAC Guides

A School Learning Action Cell is a group of teachers who engage in collaborative learning sessions to solve shared challenges encountered in the school facilitated by the school head or a designated leader. 

Designed to support in-service teachers and anyone who wants to set up and maintain learning communities in their contexts, the SLAC Guide contains tips and strategies on preparing, facilitating, and documenting sessions to support teachers.

CARE Package

Designed for teachers and leaders, the CARE Package is a set of eight free, self-paced online courses that aim to promote creative, accessible, responsible, and enriching digital learning and school leadership

The courses are currently live on Habi Plus, Habi’s platform for self-paced learning, and available for download as SCORM-compliant packages.  

CARE for Teachers

Designed to equip educators with tools that they can use to help their students build skills related to digital learning and digital citizenship. 

CARE for School Leaders

Designed to empower school leaders to design enabling environments for teaching and learning about digital literacy and citizenship.

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