Enabling teachers to build a better world

Digital Tayo Teachers is a collaboration between Facebook Philippines and Habi Education Lab aimed at enhancing the digital literacy skills of pre-service and in-service teachers all over the country through free, inclusive, and accessible resources for teaching and learning. 

Course Packs

Designed to support college and university instructors, the course packs are comprehensive project guides for achieving learning outcomes in three core courses in the Philippine Pre-Service Teacher Curriculum: Technology for Teaching and Learning 1 & 2, and Building and Enhancing Literacy Skills for 21st Century Learning.

CARE Packages

Geared towards the basic education sector, the CARE Packages aim to promote creative, accessible, responsible, and enriching digital learning and school leadership for basic education teachers and school leaders, respectively. The packages include four free, self-paced online courses that are currently live on Habi Plus, Habi’s platform for self-paced learning. There are also guides on how to facilitate school-based LAC sessions.

More about Digital Tayo Teachers

Teachers are in a unique position to enhance Filipino digital culture and society by becoming models and ambassadors of good digital citizenship for their students. The introduction of new core courses on technology in the teacher education curricula in 2017 is an opportunity to equip pre-service teachers with proper knowledge, skills, and attitudes on digital citizenship. 

Join the Movement

We believe in the power of teachers to become changemakers in their communities. Here are the different ways you can use the Digital Tayo Teachers resources to make an impact. 

Use the Resources

Download the course packs and/or LAC guides and use them in your own contexts! We're interested in hearing stories of how you used them in your contexts. 

Send an e-mail with the subject header [Digital Tayo] to kumusta@habieducationlab.org.

Take the CARE Courses

The CARE Courses are currently undergoing accreditation with the National Educators' Academy of the Philippines but once you finish, you can use them to apply for self-directed CPD points. 

Become an institutional partner

Let's find ways to work together to improve teaching and learning through the Digital Tayo Teachers resources.

Send an e-mail with the subject header [Digital Tayo] to kumusta@habieducationlab.org.

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