Tech Onboarding

How might we introduce technology to co-teachers and students on the first day of class?

In this 4-week activity, our students will imagine themselves as teachers during the first week of classes. They will create an orientation or Tech Onboarding session to support either co-teachers or their students in using technology.

This project hopes to explain ICT policies and safety issues as they impact the teaching-learning process and demonstrate social, ethical, and legal responsibility in the use of technology tools and resources.

At the end of the two weeks, our students will reflect on the experience of problem finding and framing, building, and designing their Tech Onboarding. It can be done through an in-class presentation or an engaging discussion.

What will their project look like?

  • A learning experience that introduces education technology to your students and fellow teachers. The student must use different tech tools to make and deliver content to the class. The learning experience should integrate media and technology in various content areas.

Resources for Teachers

We recommend using a single-point rubric for all projects in the Digital Tayo course packs. Here's a sample that you can download and modify!

Learning Experience Design is a key framework for this project. Explore Elesi, Habi Education Lab's open-source design system to learn more about making well-designed learning experiences.