Playlist Gifts

How might we curate substantial and well-designed resources?

In this 3-week activity, we will prepare our students for one of the most important tasks teachers do: curating resources. This project aims to enhance the student’s skill and knowledge in choosing media and technology resources in various content areas.

At the end of the two weeks, our students will reflect on the experience of researching and curating resources, and building and designing their Playlist Gifts. It can be done through an in-class presentation or an engaging discussion.

What will their project look like?

  • A site containing a substantial (at least 7) amount of resources that are meaningfully arranged to provide a learning experience. This playlist can be created on Google Sites, Padlet, Google Sheets, and other platforms.

  • The resources should have short descriptions to help their target learner direct their learning.

Resources for Teachers

Playlist Gift Overview_1.mp4

Playlist Gifts at a Glance

Playlist Gifts is about curating resources for a more human-centered learning experience. Watch Gerson give an overview here.

Mayer's Cognitive Multimedia Learning Theory

How might we choose well-designed multimedia resources? Mayer's Cognitive Multimedia Learning Theory gives us a good framework.

Sample Rubric

We recommend using a single-point rubric for all projects in the Digital Tayo course packs. Here's a sample that you can download and modify!

Playlist Gift Workbook_NAME

Sample Worksheet

Students from Philippine Normal University used this workbook on Google Slides to document their thinking as they created their playlists. Check it out here!

Project Exemplars from Students

Design Thinking Playlist

Check out this playllist to understand more abouth Design Thinking or Human Centered Design.


This site brings 10 journeys seeking the truth about time. How much time do you really have? Do you think it's enough? Is it sufficient for you to carry out all the tasks you have to accomplish in a day? Or do you wish you have more time?

What students say

[I learned] To be inclusive in making and curating learning materials. It is also important not just to have a variety of teaching and learning materials, but also having it organized is another skills and habit I needed to practice

- Student at Philippine Normal Univeristy, Manila

Overall, I learned that it is important to choose relevant, factual, and credible resources to be able to share it with our students.

- Student at Philippine Normal Univeristy, Manila