Digital Tayo Teachers CARE Package

Digital Tayo Teachers are teachers that CARE: teachers that design Creative, Accessible, Responsible, and Enriching learning experiences for their learners. 

The Digital Tayo Teachers CARE Package has two components: (1) four free, self-paced courses and (2) guides for facilitating and implementing school-based learning action cells. Used together, the CARE Package can help teachers and educators answer these three questions:

These courses are currently undergoing accreditation with the National Educators' Academy of the Philippines and the Professional Regulation Commission. Learn more about the care package below!

CARE Courses

In Creative Digital Learning, we’ll start by gaining a better understanding of teaching and learning in changing contexts. We’ll also introduce you to Learning Experience Design and our framework we call MISMO to give you a new and flexible approach to designing learning experiences. 

In Accessible Digital Learning, we'll learn more about how to make digital learning more accessible. We'll learn how technology can positively influence learning and development to lead to more impactful learning experiences and efficient work for both our learners and ourselves. 

In Responsible Digital Learning, we'll introduce you to Digital Citizenship, an important concept in this digitally-empowered era. We’ll discuss some foundational skills and ideas when it comes to being a digital citizen, how to have a healthy relationship with digital technologies, and how to use it to create positive change. 

In Enriching Digital Learning, we'll learn more about how to maintain digital connections through technology - starting with a review of communication processes and tech tools that would help us empathize and stay connected with education stakeholders, as well as maximizing assessment to support student learning. 

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Learning Action Cell Guides

The Department of Education is fully committed to protect and promote the right of Filipinos to a quality basic education. To achieve this, the Department of Education fully supports the continuing professional development of its teaching personnel based on the principles of lifelong learning. [1]

These LAC guides are for school leaders and teachers who are committed to creating school-based professional development opportunities for teachers. These guides contain tips and tools on (1) Preparing LAC Sessions, (2) Facilitating LAC Sessions, and (3) Documenting Learning and Feedback from LAC Sessions. 

While the CARE courses can be your starting point, these LAC guides can help you progress from individual professional development to a school-based professional development program.

Feel free to use these guides based on your needs and interests! As each school and learning community is unique, you are encouraged to mix, adapt, and localize these tips and tools to your own school context.